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Hallelujah News Paper is a Christian Fortnightly started publishing in 1995 in Kottayam, the Akshara Nagari ( city of letters). Pastor. PM Philip blessed and released  the first copy of “ the Hallelujah “ at Thirunnkkara Maidan in Dec’95 . He was one of the pioneers of pentecostal movement in India.

Hallelujah  has been a mirror image of the Malayalee pentecostal community around the world for the last two decades . In this era of the work of the Holy Spirit and church growth, we stand firmly  for pentecostal doctrines.

Our focus has solely been on uplifting people and organizations who faithfully stand for christian values and faith inspite  of denominational differences and affiliations.

The philosophy of our work in the media segment is to fulfil and meet our commitment responsibly in the light of the Word of God. We are proud to be  used by God Almighty as an example among the news based media and pledge to be so in the future also.

Phone: +91 9349500155

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